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How to shop on Jumia and pay cash on delivery



In this detailed guide, we will be showing you how to shop on Jumia and pay on delivery in few easy steps. Shopping on Jumia seems to be a bit hard for some online shopping newbies so we decided to write a detailed guide with pictures to help people who are new to online shopping.


Step 1:  visit the Jumia online store here


Step 2: Sign up or register with your correct details

how to shop on jumia

Step 3: select your desired product.

select the desired product(s) you wish to purchase

how to shop on jumia

Step 4: click on the ‘BUY NOW’ button under the product(s)

Step 5: Click the “Cart” in the top right corner of the website.

Now, this part might be a bit confusing for first shoppers. This is because the cart is a bit hidden at the top right-hand corner of the website. So you really have to take notice of this important part in order to enable your selected products to get to your destination.


Step 6: click on “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” or type in your “COUPON CODE” for a special discount.

At this point, you can enter your coupon code for a special discount! coupon codes are special codes usually a combination of letters and numbers used for getting discounts. Coupon codes are usually available during some promos like “Jumia mobile week” “Jumia Black Friday” “Jumia anniversaries”. With a coupon code, you can get a whopping 20% discount or maybe #5000 off some specific orders.

Step 7: Enter shipping/billing information.

On the next screen that opens you will have to enter your shipping/billing information. This is where your products will be delivered. Endeavour to enter your correct details to avoid some problems during delivery. Select “standard shipping” or “pickup station” selecting standard shipping means you want it to be delivered to your doorstep while selecting pickup stations means you will go and pick it up at a nearest Jumia pickup station near you. I personally recommend a ‘pickup station’ because the shipping fees are cheaper. To view a list of Jumia pickup stations near you pls click here


step 8: select your payment option.

Here you have three options: payment on delivery, Jumia pay, interswitch webpay, pay on delivery with Mcash. I personally recommend the ‘pay on delivery’ option but in case you didn’t find it could be due to the following reasons:


1) Your cart has a shipped from overseas item and/or an insurance item
2) Your total cart value is under N2,500
3) Your total cart value is above N200,000
4) Your delivery option (some far regions, some specific pick-up stations) is not eligible for Pay on Delivery
5) Payment on delivery is currently disabled on your account due to an unusual number of failed deliveries.

when you check your cart and find out that your cart does not have any of the problems above and still can’t find the pay on delivery option do not worry. Go back to step 7 and choose a pickup station near you that offers the PAYMENT ON DELIVERY option. Or you can simply use other payment options and pay with your debit card; JUMIA is an online shop you can trust.

step 9: click ‘confirm order’ to complete your order.

Now that you have learnt how to shop on Jumia  Click here to start shopping!

If you have any question pls do well to ask them in the comment box below. or contact us







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